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The Clifford Essex Gambler Irish Tenor Banjo

THE CLIFFORD ESSEX IRISH TENOR GAMBLER BANJO. The heart and soul of this beautiful instrument lies in. The Brazilian ebony integrated tone ring. Well known for its super acoustic qualities, Brazilian ebony produces a powerful woody tone. It is difficult to source in the UK, so we currently import it from the United States. The… Read more »


The Clifford Essex’sharpe’ Tenor Banjo

THE CLIFFORD ESSEX SHARPE TENOR BANJO. A tenor banjo with a punch! The neck has an ebony fingerboard and ebony peghead overlay, and is made from mahogany reinforced with carbon fibre rods, which means it can never warp. The peghead and neck features the traditional Clifford Essex Paragon mother-of-pearl inlay patterns from Paragon banjos of… Read more »


The Clifford Essex Gambler Concert Ukulele

Deal yourself a winning hand with the Clifford Essex Gambler. To see & hear the Gambler ukulele go to YouTube & search: Clifford Essex Gambler Ukulele. CLIFFORD ESSEX MUSIC CO. A Beautiful Hand Crafted, High-Grade Concert Ukulele.